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Recommended Resources

Ngā rauemi ipurangi



Kupu taea 

Kupu Taea is an Auckland-based Māori and Pākehā media research group that has studied how the media reports Māori, te Tiriti o Waitangi and Māori/Pākehā relations since 2004. 

Treaty blog by Tāmaki Treaty Workers

Treaty blog is an occasional blog hosted by Tāmaki Tiriti Workers exploring issues of racism, te Tiriti o Waitangi and race relations. We recommend you also consider following the TTW Facebook page

Treaty Resource Centre

Treaty Resource Centre is a repository materials to support education efforts about te Tiriti o Waitangi. Contains accurate information about New Zealand’s colonial history.

State of the Pākehā Nation essays 

State of the Pākehā Nation essays are a collection of political essays written annually  in memory of  anti-racism activist Reverend Joan Cook exploring race relations.

Human Rights Commission: live human rights action plan

contains a live version of NZ’s national human rights action plan. The plan contains recommendations from United Nations committees and the NZ Government’s progress on implementing them.  

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples

UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination 


WAI 2575 health kaupapa hearings

 The Waitangi Tribunal is currently hearing evidence related to Tiriti breaches in the health sector (WAI 2575). For more information.

New Zealand Critical History Curriculum 

A critical guide to Māori and Pākehā histories of Aotearoa - A curriculum programme resource (CPR) for schools & teachers

Peace Movement Aotearoa

The national networking peace organisation in Aotearoa 
New Zealand, for anyone who is interested in  
peace, social justice and human rights


Ngāpuhi Speaks

400 page independent panel report on the Ngāpuhi Stage I Claim, commissioned by Kuia and Kaumātua of Ngāpuhi Nui Tonu.  It is a definitive text about te Tiriti and He Whakaputunga and draws from primary sources in Te Reo and English as well as oral histories from Ngāpuhi kaumatua and kuia.

To order your copy email:

Te Tiriti o Waitangi-Based Practice in Health Promotion

In January 2018 we launched our first E-book - Tiriti-based practice in health promotion - at the Health Promotion Forum in Auckland. Dr Heather Came led the development of this resource which was based on interviews with senior health promotion practitioners and insights from the authors. It attempted to reengage with the legacy of Dr Irihapeti Ramsden and refresh some of the thinking from Treaty Understanding of Hauora in Aotearoa-New Zealand (Health Promotion Forum 1999).




Racism: Science & Tools for the Public Health Professional

This important publication builds on the racial health equity work that public health advocates and others have been doing for decades. This book, which targets racism directly and includes the word squarely in its title, marks an important shift in the field's antiracism struggle for racial health equity. It is intended for use in a wide range of settings including health departments, schools, and in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors where public health professionals work. It will also benefit students still in training and will also serve as a practical reference text for courses and workshops. In this way, this book anticipates acting as a bridge connecting public health professionals, students, community members, as well as policymakers.

Available here