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Stop Institutional Racism!

STIR is a nationwide network of public health professionals and activist scholars committed to ending institutional racism within the administration of the public health sector.


A Collective Letter: Inquiring about the Government’s Plan for Addressing Māori Health Inequities in the Absence of Te Aka Whai Ora (The Māori Health Authority)

21 March, 2024


740 undersigned doctors of Aotearoa New Zealand


Re-imagining anti-racist theory for the health sector

6 May, 2022

NZ Medical Journal

Heather Came, Jacquie Kidd, Tim McCreanor


Te Tiriti-Based Futures: Aotearoa decolonisation event set to enlighten, educate and create change

17 March, 2022

The Lovepost

The Lovepost


Webinar: Haumaru - The COVID Priority Report

13 September, 2022


Dr Rawiri McKree-Jansen and Dr Polly Atatoa Carr


Putting te Tiriti at the centre of Aotearoa New Zealand’s public policy can strengthen democracy – here’s how

1 April, 2022


Dominic O'Sullivan
Heather Came
Time McCreanor


Exploring anti-racism within the context of human resource management in the health sector in Aotearoa New Zealand

16 March, 2022

International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies

Deborah Heke
Heather Came
Manjeet Birk
Kem Gambrell


Ao Mai Te Rā - Episode 5

12 August, 2022

Ministry of Health - Manatū Hauora

Dr Hinemoa Elder interviews Heather Came


Using vignettes about racism from health practice in Aotearoa to generate anti-racism interventions

18 March, 2022

Health and Social Care

Jacquie Kidd
Heather Came
Tim McCreanor


A Critical Tiriti Analysis of the Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Bill

11 March, 2022

NZ Medical Journal

Ngaire Rae
Heather Came
Maria Baker
Tim McCreanor

Free E-Book

What We Do

to tatou mahi

We do specialist training around Te Tiriti-based practice, institutional racism and anti-racism.

We are available to do presentations, media commentary  and provide expert witness on Te Tiriti application and racism for conferences, public events, inquires etc.

STIR has a skilled network of researchers with a strong track record of documenting racism and Te Tiriti breaches

We are passionate about speaking up and challenging racism; join us!


STIR is committed to standing in solidarity with others fighting institutional racism


STIR is a proud partner of 



Briefing Paper on the Forthcoming 


After years of advocacy by STIR and others the goverment is finally writing a national action plan to end racism. To make sure anti-racism practitioners were heard we called a national hui in March with Tangata Whenua, Tangata Tiriti (Pakeha), Tangata Tiriti (Tauiwi of colour) caucuspes. We produced a briefing paper outlining some of what should be in the plan. Thanks to all those that attended, organised, supported and held the pen. May the plan be something we are proud of. 


“This book offers guidance for all who work in the health sector to manage and develop their Treaty based practice ... and recognises power relationships and also the historical, political, and economic context ... Good health and good health practice come from a shared interest in the just-ness of a society. Perhaps more than anything else it is the hope and promise of such just-ness that te Tiriti most enshrines”.

Dr Moana Jackson


He Hōmiromiro

A Virtual Decolonisation Reading Group


“He kanohi hōmiromiro” To have a critical eye

(likened to the Tomtit bird - hōmiromiro)

Hosted by Tāmaki Tiriti Workers, STIR: Stop Institutional Racism and ABC: A bicultural caucus this virtual decolonisation reading group meet monthly. Members come from a range of backgrounds, sectors and locations across Aotearoa and beyond.

Join us for a chance to sharpen your mind and discuss decolonisation with like-minded individuals.

Free Treaty-based Practice


Dr Heather Came-Friar and Susan De Silva offer ideas about how to work with the articles of te Tiriti and encourage you to take action to uphold te Tiriti and challenge institutional racism within your sphere of influence.

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