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STIR student intern - Sara Jones

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

My name is Sara Jones and I am an MD/MPH candidate at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in the United States. As part of my public health fieldwork, I recently completed a 4-week internship with STIR in Auckland, under the supervision of Dr. Heather Came and Claire Doole. I reached out to Heather and STIR about this opportunity because I have a background in Native American health inequities, and I was interested in learning more about Māori health and health policy, as well as improving my writing skills.

During my time with STIR, I have helped to draft a manuscript regarding inequities in advanced breast cancer diagnosis and treatment for Māori women. The process included meeting with several advisors and contributors, researching and writing, and many, many revisions. I also attended a conference on trans-Tasman racism and travelled to Hamilton to see Heather speak to union organizers. This opportunity improved my writing skills, taught me about the New Zealand health system, honed my critical thinking skills, and introduced me to an incredible group of passionate scholars from diverse backgrounds.

I am grateful to Heather, Claire, and STIR for entrusting me with such significant responsibility during this internship. Everyone I met from STIR was very supportive, helpful, and welcoming. I can truly say that I believe I contributed to something meaningful during my time in New Zealand, and I am grateful for that.


(in photo: Dr Heather Came-Friar, Claire Doole, Dr Libby Burgess, Sara Jones, Dr Louise Malone)


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