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Building the Evidence Base

STIR continues to undertake research about sites of institutional racism and anti-racism praxis. This year our paper about

how ten years of public health policy talks about te Tiriti has been published.

• Came, H., Cornes, R., & McCreanor, T. (2018). Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand public health

policy 2006-2016 New Zealand Medical Journal, 131(1469), 32-27.

We have a chapter due out in the next few months in an international textbook about racism and public health about

embracing anti-racism praxis for allies.

We are several other papers under review exploring:

• Cultural competencies of the regulated workforce

• Māori and Pacific perceptions of public health advisory group processes

• Fat shaming in public health – moving past racism to indigenous solutions

We also have several papers under development one about how health policy talks about Māori health, one about ethnic

pay disparities, and another chapter for a textbook about ethnic health policy.


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